Mohsen Esfandiar

3D Artist

Level Designer

Character Artist

About Me

Hello! I’m Mohsen Esfandiar.

I am a highly skilled 3D modeler with extensive experience in Maya for hard surface modeling, ZBrush for organic modeling, Marvelous Designer for creating 3D cloth, and Substance Painter for texturing.
Additionally, I have proficiency in using Marmoset Toolbag for baking textures and rendering, as well as Unreal Engine for level designing and creating environments.
Throughout my career, I've created 3D models, props, and scenes for games, optimized for various platforms. I am passionate about 3D modeling and game development, always seeking opportunities.

  • Age: 28
  • Residence: UAE
  • Freelance: Available
  • Address: Dubai , United Arab Emirate
My Services
3D Modeling

I specialize in crafting top-notch 3D models using advanced techniques and software to enhance your designs. My expertise covers hard surface, organic, and low-poly modeling.


My texturing prowess encompasses both the intricacies of realistic surfaces and the vibrancy of stylized art, ensuring that every 3D model I work on exudes authenticity and artistic flair.

Level Designing

I specialize in level design for Unreal Engine 5, meticulously crafting immersive environments while optimizing for performance to ensure seamless experiences for players.

Character Modeling

I create 3D characters in both realistic and stylized styles, using techniques like photogrammetry for lifelike detail. I'm also experienced in MetaHuman for realistic and expressive character design

  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Character Modeling
  • Level Designing
  • Photogrammetry
Software Skills
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Substance Painter
  • Unreal Engine 5
  • Zbrush
  • Marvelous Designer
  • Photoshop
  • Marmoset Toolbag
  • After Effect
  • Reality Capture
  • Marmoset toolbag
3D Generalist
3D Generalist
Diverge - Remote

At Diverge, I spearheaded creation of lifelike
characters based on 3D scans, ensuring full
compatibility with UE5's MetaHuman system.
Additionally, I excelled in designing outfits,
grooming characters, and crafting scenes for cinematic rendering

3D Designer, Level Designer
3D Designer, Level Designer
Inoland Studio, Remote

At Inoland Studio, I served as a 3D Artist, Level Designer, and 3D Generalist, contributing to projects like the Unreal Engine Marketplace and the IBG2 game. I utilized tools like Maya, Substance Painter, and ZBrush to create game-ready assets and designed engaging levels from scratch in Unreal Engine 5. My focus was on delivering high-quality, optimized performances across various platforms.

3D Designer, Level Designer
3D Designer, Level Designer
Kalao, Remote

At Kalao, I worked as a Level Designer and 3D Artist on a Metaverse project, creating customizable galleries to display NFTs. I designed environments and a character using Unreal Engine 5, focusing on modeling, texturing, and optimization. My role involved close collaboration to maintain high quality and performance, enhancing my skills in level and character design for immersive environments.

3D Designer, Level Designer
3D Designer, Level Designer
Incytel Games, Tehran, Iran (Remote)

At Incytel, I held the role of a 3D Artist for a mobile game, where I focused on crafting engaging environments and characters. Despite not having a concept artist, I merged my own creative ideas with pre-existing concepts to produce unique and appealing designs. This required balancing aesthetic appeal with the game’s goals, a challenge that proved both difficult and rewarding. I worked closely with the development team to bring these designs to fruition, contributing significantly to the game's success. This role sharpened my skills in adaptation, creative thinking, and collaboration within a dynamic setting.

3D Designer, Level Designer
3D Designer, Level Designer
SiMedix, Tehran, Iran

At Simedix, I served as a 3D Designer, creating assets for the Unreal Game Engine and developing environments in various styles like stylized and realistic using Maya and Substance Painter. A notable project involved designing child-friendly emojis, deepening my interest in stylized art. Throughout my tenure, I focused on delivering high-quality designs and fostering teamwork in a dynamic environment.

Bachelor of Software Engineering
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Oloom Fonoon - Babol, Iran
Additional Skills
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  • Phone: +971 55 281 2162
  • Freelance: Available
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